PEACE,LOVE, AND DREAMS. probably i love random things.stitch, brilliam, #coyg, exo! twitter : @DilaTrisianly

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Listening to Stay With Me by Sam Smith

– Preview it on Path.

At Nike Factory Store

😭😅 – at Nike Factory Store with Tiara Puspa – See on Path.


At CALAiS with Mutiara, Arsent, Ricky, and Mutiarani – See on Path.

At Jonas Professional Photographer (JPOP)

🕘huffff – at Jonas Professional Photographer (JPOP) with GPA29 – See on Path.

At Selasar Sunaryo Art Space

FTEAM BEB!🔝 – at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space with Bella, Firosyi, Nabila, Tiara Puspa, and Qinthara – See on Path.

Bros before hoes, right?

(Source: foreversours)

At Magic Pizza

At Magic Pizza with Mama – See on Path.

At Baso Cuankie / Batagor ‘SERAYU’

At Baso Cuankie / Batagor ‘SERAYU’ with Faza, Rifdah, Claudia, Feridha, Qinthara, and Sybilladeska – See on Path.

Listening to She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer

Ganti deh. with Nadira – Preview it on Path.

At SMA Negeri 2 Bandung

At SMA Negeri 2 Bandung with Claudia, Rifdah, Qinthara, and Dll – See on Path.

Listening to Terlalu Lama Sendiri by Kuntoaji

Tapi mulai darimana. – Preview it on Path.


God,let me fallin in love only with the right one.
And if this feeling is not right. Dont let me fall to this guy. Hes my besties i’ve never thought to be the guy that i fall in love with.
I need to focus on my goals. Help me.

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