PEACE,LOVE, AND DREAMS . there is someone i've been loving until today and tomorrow. he's Robby WAli Anbiya.probably i love random things. big stitch, brilliam, #coyg twitter : @DilaTrisianly
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Kim Minseok owning the place

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D-2 Seo Joohyun’s Birthday ♥


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that naughty maknae

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저희 끝까지 함께 가요 ♡

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Watching Perfect Stranger

– View on Path.

Watching Transformers: Age of Extinction

with 👪 – View on Path.

At Paris Van Java (PVJ)

😁lidi!!!! – at Paris Van Java (PVJ) with Winda, Arsent, Ricky, and Firosyi – See on Path.

At Firosyi’s

CI….😿LUK🙈?BA🙉 – at Firosyi’s with Firosyi – See on Path.

Watching The Vow

with …. – View on Path.

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